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Welcome to Outdoor Room Landscape Supplies Ltd.

Outdoor Room Landscape Supplies Ltd is Edmonton’s one-stop shop for all your landscaping needs. We provide expert knowledge and service regarding landscape supplies, landscape design and construction. Our staff is made up of experienced landscapers with hundreds of projects under their belts who can advise, recommend and help customers in the most effective way possible.

Garden Centre
Outdoor Room Landscape Supplies will inspire your creativity when you walk through our outdoor garden center. Our staff can help you to create an emotional vision of your landscape. We have a large selection of ornamental caliper trees, specimen shrubs and perennials that are hardy to the Alberta climate. Talk to our experienced Landscapers for all your tree and shrub needs.

Landscape Design Center
Outdoor Room's experienced landscape designers are happy to assist you and to help you meet any landscape project budget. From small projects to large projects, we have Landscape Solutions for you. Our designers have hands-on field experience and LA or LAT landscape education to bring your dream landscape to life. Step into our design studio and we will be happy to help you with your landscape design project.

Water Features
Outdoor Room's landscape center features large water and pond displays. Our experienced Landscape Designers can help you design your water feature. They can help you choose the feature that's right for you from cascade waterfall ponds, basalt gurglers, concrete fountains and pond less waterfalls. We carry Pond Builder kits that make installation easy for any landscaping project.

Bulk Rock Landscape Products
Outdoor Room has a complete selection of rock products, including class I to class V boulders to fit any Landscaper's vision. Our wide selection includes Alberta River Rock that lends well to a classic natural native look, and a variety of Rocky Mountain & Limestone Rock for a special alpine experience. A hand-stack rock retaining wall is a great project for the homeowner, as it takes minimal equipment and experience.

Bulk Mulch Landscape Products
Outdoor Room has a complete selection of mulch products including bark nuggets, pine mulch, cedar mulch and coloured mulch. The use of natural mulch promotes moisture conservation, and fertility health of soil. The use of mulch also reduces weed growth and enhances visual appeal in a landscape.

Paving Stone Landscape Products
Outdoor Room has a complete selection of paving stone, edging and accessories for the landscaper. We carry all major brands including Expocrete, Westcon, H O Concrete, Abbotsford Concrete Products, Barkman Hardscapes and Permacon. Outdoor Room also supplies natural paving stones which include 1", 2", or 3" Slate or Natural Stone paving products. A visit to the Outdoor Room landscape center gives you the opportunity to see, touch, and experience our wide variety of paver products.

Retaining Wall Landscape Products
Outdoor Room supplies a full product line of all major brands of concrete retaining wall blocks. Garden walls are great projects for homeowners, and are generally easy to install. For the more experienced Landscaper, we carry a commercial and residential retaining wall system which meets the needs for large and small retaining walls. Our brands include Expocrete, Westcon, H O Concrete, Abbotsford Concrete Products and Permacon.

Landscape Soil Products
Outdoor Room supplies screened soil products including organic soil, garden mix, peat moss, composts and clays. Our landscapers can help you choose the right product for your final grading, garden or special landscape project. We have the ability to laboratory-test bulk landscape soil, which will tell you what you’re installing in your project.

Blue Grass Sod
Outdoor Room also carries registered premium sod. Our sod is made up of 80% Kentucky Blue Grass and 20% Creeping Red Fescue. Each roll is cut to two feet wide by five feet long, totaling 10 square feet and cut at a thickness of 1 to 1.5 inches. Each pallet of sod contains 70 rolls or 700 square feet; however as little as one roll can be purchased.

Synthetic Grass
Whether you are planning to install a putting green or a backyard artificial grass lawn, Outdoor Room has the solution for you. We offer varieties of synthetic grasses to meet the most demanding residential and commercial landscape needs. These include solutions for artificial lawns, pet turf, putting greens, synthetic playgrounds and sports fields.

Landscape Construction and Installation
Members of Outdoor Room’s landscaping team are available to work for you. From small landscape projects to large commercial land development projects, we have the experience and knowledge to exceed your expectations. Whether you require final grade certification, simply need the installation of a boulder or tree, or want your entire yard installed, we have the landscape equipment to meet your needs. From design to construction, Outdoor Room can help your landscaping project come to life.

Final Grade
The absolutely most important thing about your landscaping is final grading. Without proper drainage, the end result of your project could be a wet, mushroom and mosquito infested yard. Items that you can’t see will cost you in damages, and this could cost thousands of dollars, which is why it’s best to let professionals like Outdoor Room Landscape Design Solutions help you.

In the City of Edmonton, final grade requires approval within one year. Outdoor Room provides rough and final grade specialists to prevent mistakes from happening. If your future plans include adding a stone patio or a pond in your landscape, we can meet the design grades to ensure there’s no problem. Grades should be set for the finished landscape, and the rough grade design is typically the builder’s responsibility. The rough grade is set to allow 7 to 20 centimetres for topsoil placement of sod. It is important, that if you are adding any additional features to your landscape, grading should be completed for the finished landscape project. It is common practice for home owners to see to the final grade and then later, when the city inspector leaves, they’ll change grades by installing whatever makes them happy. Remember, there may be no grading police, but you could be harming your own property by not consulting with experienced landscapers like us. You should consult with the city drainage inspector or landscape designer regarding your future landscape plans.

In addition, settling around your house has probably occurred, and additional thickness of soil may be required. A typical residential grade is 10 percent away from foundation of house at minimum of 2 meters length. It is not a requirement from the City of Edmonton for certification, but you should also use this rule when grading away from hard landscape. A hardscape can be a patio, sidewalks, fire pit, shed or a retaining wall. A boulder can also be considered a hardscape feature. A typical grade or slope for landscape features is 1 to 2 percent sloping towards a design grade point.

Even if you have completed your own final grade and only require a survey or inspection, Outdoor Room can perform and document it for you. For a free guide to the City of Edmonton’s final grade procedures, please visit www.edmonton.ca.

We also carry an extensive product line to provide many decorative and functional options to satisfy your landscaping needs. For more on this, please visit Our Products page.

About Us

If the Outdoor Room has one goal, it’s to start a revolution in landscape design. With almost 20 years of combined industry experience, our design team has created a winning concept that will work in outdoor renovations in older neighbourhoods as well as newly built communities.

Outdoor Room is at the forefront of the landscape revolution. We use themes that are inexpensive and simple. “Many designers come up with a concept that looks good on paper but for one reason or another it doesn’t work. It’s not buildable, or it’s not sustainable,” says Raymond Prime, the Outdoor Room’s chief designer. “I’ve seen so many mistakes people make. Like, how often have you seen a pretty rock garden lining a double driveway? That’s just a bad design in our climate. Where do you think the snow will be piled, with the grime and dirt and road salt? Right on top of the plants in your rock garden. And that’s just one example.”

“In all my years in this business, I have designed and built over 1,000 yards, most of them really high-end,” Raymond says. “I enjoy the challenge of the smaller projects, too, and want to bring my higher-end experience to everybody in a way that’s affordable and tasteful.”

Right now, the Outdoor Room is producing two or three blueprints a day, and has a library of resources at their disposal. “You don’t have to get dirty wandering around garden centres to get ideas” says Raymond. “Come in and sit down in our design centre. Bring your plot plan and pictures of your house. The consultation is free.”

The landscape plan is a vital first step, and to design your space without one would be like trying to build a house without a blueprint.

Outdoor Room has developed four themes to help their clients create spaces that really work. The plants, shrubs, trees and features will complement one another while growing more beautiful as the years go by. Our Alpine, Rocky Mountain, Native and Contemporary themes will ensure a functional, sustainable design.

For the homeowner who loves to work in the yard, the Outdoor Room is here to help with inspiration and a wide range of quality products. Come in and talk to our experts, share your ideas, and we’ll be happy to help you make them a reality. Drop by the Outdoor Room soon to discuss your landscaping needs, and let the experts guide you in creating your perfect Outdoor Room.

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